New York, N.Y. (1986) (en)

New York, N.Y. 1986
  • Original title: New York, N.Y.
  • Evaluation: 6.1 (Votes: 7)
  • Release date 1986-01-01 (1986)
  • Genres: Documentary

New York, N.Y. Download - How has this gem slipped under IMDb users' radar all these years, especially after winning a César for best documentary short subject? It is slow, succinct and absolutely riveting. With his photojournalist's eye, and simple but inspired camera work, Depardon plunges us into both the sounds and silences of a day and a night in the city. Further description would be superfluous; what the film doesn't do is as important as what it does. Kudos to distributor Marin Karmitz for resurrecting it.
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