The White-Bone Sword (1963) (en)

The White-Bone Sword 1963

The White-Bone Sword Download - Wu Sheung-fung risks her life to save Wong Tin-ho with the help of the white bone sword. Meanwhile the three devils known as Heaven, Earth and Man return to the Devil Mountain with the coveted Swords. Chung Ching, who has divined the recovery of the White-bone Grass by Wu and others, dispatches Kam Yan-kit to abduct Wong to the Black Hair Cave. Luk Fong-fei, Wu and other rescuers are vanquished by Black Hair one by one. Old Devilish Eccentric hurries to their rescue and heals Wong's wound as Wong reconciles with Kam. Kam secretly returns to Chung Ching Cave to seek the precious swords when Wong and others raid the den and are again dispatched away with fakes.
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