Television as a Creative Medium (1972) (en)

Television as a Creative Medium 1972
  • Original title: Television as a Creative Medium
  • Evaluation: 0 (Votes: 0)
  • Release date 1972-01-01 (1972)
  • Duration: 6 Min

Television as a Creative Medium Download - In 1969, Howard Wise presented the landmark exhibition TV as a Creative Medium at his eponymous gallery on 57th Street in New York. The exhibition is recognized as the first in the United States devoted to video (or television) as an emergent art form. Jud Yalkut's silent 16mm film footage is a vibrant document of the seminal works in the exhibition, including Nam June Paik's Participation TV, Paul Ryan's Everyman's Mobius Strip, Thomas Tadlock's Archetron, Eric Siegel's Psychedelevision in Color, Charlotte Moorman's first performance of Paik's TV Bra For Living Sculpture, and Ira Schneider and Frank Gillette's installation Wipe Cycle.
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