When the Sun Dies (1970) (en)

Slogan: Save your son or save the world?

When the Sun Dies 1970

When the Sun Dies Download - In the year 2050; a group of scientists left a capsule in a secret bunker to be found containing information on how to prevent the sun from dying based on technology techniques in the century they lived among. This was code-named, `Project Sun,` and was found in 2091 by former NASA Engineer named Eugene Patterson. Shortly after 2050 a meteoroid struck Earth and eliminated 70% of its population. It is now controlled by a group of outlaws who have banished any intelligent work to commence on the planet Earth. Eugene Patterson has been in hiding since 2050 a former NASA engineer in attempt to find a solution to the world's problem; what happens when the sun dies? In the midst of finding answers; he's also attempting to find a cure for his dying son Earl who has a rare chromosome disease. Eugene will be put to the ultimate test while confronting the outlaws and making the ultimate decision. Do I save my son or do I save what's left of the world?
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