Landlady and Tenant (1966) (en)

Landlady and Tenant 1966

Landlady and Tenant Download - Sau-chen goes out with the tenant Wong Chun-ching over the protests of her class-conscious parents Eighth Uncle and his wife. To foot the medical bills of his mother, Sau-chen works as a promoter at the Products Expo for Lung Wah Pharmacy and attracts the unwanted attention of the boss Chin Hoi-ngan. Chin desires the woman as a concubine. Acting on the advice of his subordinate Chiu Chik, the boss invents a phantom son and proposes marriage with the offer of a handsome dowry. The employee Wong, short of cash and needs money fast, is drafted as his saviour to meet the parents when the plot is duly exposed. Teaming up with his tenants, Eighth Uncle invites the henpecked husband's termagant wife along and causes a scene. In gratitude of their efforts, the landlord and his wife give blessings to their daughter and her lover.
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