Touché, Pussy Cat! (1954) (en)

Touché, Pussy Cat! 1954
  • Original title: Touché, Pussy Cat!
  • Evaluation: 6.7 (Votes: 22)
  • Release date 1954-12-18 (1954)
  • Genres: Animation

Touché, Pussy Cat! Download - A young mouse arrives at the Parisian headquarters of the King's Mouseketeers with a letter from his father, François Mouse, asking Jerry to teach the lad to be a Mouseketeer. Lessons begin for the French-speaking boy, but although he's charming, he's hopeless and when he gets into a scrape with Tom, Jerry sends the garçon packing. As the boy is leaving Paris, he hears the noise of fighting, and he returns to find Jerry in a fight for his life with Tom. Champagne corks, a paint brush, and a barrel of wine are props in the lad's attack. But has he lost all his clumsiness?
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